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An Overview of Heights Veterinary Services

Heights Veterinary Clinic is extremely proud of our animal clinic, which is known throughout Houston and the greater Houston area as an industry leader in surgical, diagnostic and medical technology. Our animal hospital provides state-of-the-art treatment across all of our veterinary services.

Read on for a detailed overview of the services offered by our veterinary hospital:

Diagnostic Services


Heights Veterinary Clinic utilizes a comprehensive In-House laboratory facility within our animal hospital. Our laboratory contains a Vettest® 8008 Chemistry Analyzer, an Abaxis VetScan® Serum Chemistry Analyzer, and an AbaxisVetscan® HM2 Automated Blood Analyzer. These, along with an array of other laboratory equipment, provide us with the opportunity to provide results in a timely manner to our patients. Our veterinarians also have access to an outside lab for additional testing as needed. At our veterinary hospital, we believe that a state-of-the-art laboratory helps to facilitate the best veterinary care.


Heights Veterinary Clinic utilizes the state-of-the-art IDEXX Digital Imaging System within our animal hospital. This powerful unit is capable of 300mA output at 125 kVp, with exposure times of 1/120th to 1 second; giving it more than adequate penetrating power for patients of all sizes. Powerful equipment in the hands of the right veterinarians leads to both acute diagnosis and care.

Heights Veterinary Clinic utilizes an Aloka SSD-500 Ultrasound Machine, which allows M and B modes of scanning to make abdominal and cardiac ultrasonography possible. Our animal clinic’s Ultrasound also has a printer and 8mm VCR attached for recording purposes.

Heights Veterinary Clinic utilizes an Olympus® Gif Type Q 3/8″ diameter endoscope, which can extend up to one meter into an anesthetized patient, in order to examine the gastrointestinal or reproductive tracts visually. This also allows our veterinarians to retrieve small objects without the use of invasive exploratory surgery.

Heights Veterinary Clinic utilizes the latest advancements in diagnostic and therapeutic imaging technology through use of the MedRx Video VetScope System. This system enables our veterinarians to better examine, diagnose, and treat diseases of the ear canal, nose, throat, rectum, eye, mouth, and a wide range of other areas.

Surgical Services

Heights Veterinary Clinic utilizes both conventional and laser surgical capabilities within our veterinary hospital:

Heights Veterinary Clinic practices safe surgical procedures, while delivering precise and compassionate care. We recommend pre-anesthesia blood work on all surgeries, and utilize safe anesthetic protocols for our procedures as well. While the veterinarian is performing surgery, a technician is monitoring your pet’s vitals, along with an electronic monitor. Our animal hospital knows that receiving surgery can be stressful, so our veterinarians prepare extensively to deliver a level of care that you can trust and depend on.

Dental Services
Heights Veterinary Clinic offers dental cleaning services to our patients with tartar buildup or other needs. We use a Dentalaire Prestige® Ultrasonic Dental Cleaner to remove tartar, and polish teeth in order to prolong the effect of the cleaning. Our animal clinic believes that dental hygiene is an integral part of comprehensive care!

Laser Surgery
Heights Veterinary Clinic is proud to be one of the only animal hospitals within the greater Houston area to posses surgical laser capability. By utilizing Laser Surgery, we are able to significantly reduce patient pain and discomfort during a wide variety of surgical procedures; including minor skin surgeries, routine cat declaw procedures, soft palate resections, and superficial mass removals. Our veterinary clinic is proud of our laser surgery capabilities, and the improved comfort that it delivers.

Surgical Monitoring
We know that surgery can be stressful for both pets and their owners, so we are sure to prepare our veterinary clinic with the best possible veterinarians and technology available. Animals who undergo anesthetic procedures at Heights Veterinary Clinic have their vitals monitored with the VetSpecs® VSM8 vital statistics monitoring system in order to monitor the following:

  • ECG
  • Heart Rate
  • Core Body Temperature
  • Respiration Rate
  • Respiration Waveform
  • Blood Oxygen Level


Heights Veterinary Clinic is Proud to Offer Laser Therapy Treatment!

Our animal clinic is proud to offer our pets Laser Therapy, which is used to treat a variety of conditions and can be performed in conjunction with existing treatments.

How does it work?

Laser therapy stimulates the body to heal naturally from within. Non-thermal photons of light are administered to the body in 3-to-8 minute increments and are then absorbed by injured cells. The cells are then stimulated and respond with a higher rate of metabolism. This results in relief from pain, increased circulation, reduced inflammation, and an acceleration of the overall healing process. This treatment can cause rapid symptom relief and is often noticed within hours by your pet. Whether your pet is rehabilitating from trauma or injury, healing from wounds, or simply aging, your pet can immediately benefit from this innovative approach to treating pain. Both pets and veterinarians agree that Laser Therapy is the future of veterinary care!

Applications for Laser Therapy includes:

  • Treatment of arthritis, degenerative joint disease, or hip dysplasia
  • General pain management (sprains, strains, and stiffness)
  • Post-surgery pain (spays, neuters, declaws, and other surgeries)
  • Skin problems (hot spots, lick granulomas, infections)
  • Dental procedures
  • Fractures and wounds (bites, abrasions, and lesions)
  • Ear infections

Our animal clinic’s Laser Therapy treatment is non-invasive, pain free, drug free, and does not require surgery!

What can my pet expect during a Laser Therapy treatment session?

Your pet will actually enjoy this treatment! Our Laser Therapy causes immediate relief from pain and allows your pet to relax and ease into comfort in minutes. As a testament to the restorative nature of this treatment, previously angry cats may start to purr and canine companions may even fall asleep during their therapy session. Frequently, after Laser Therapy, we hear: “He’s acting like a puppy again!” or “She can actually jump onto the chair again!” from enthused pet owners.

Pain relief is provided in just a few minutes of therapy and that alone improves the quality of life for your beloved pet. Our animal clinic greatly enjoys seeing the benefits that this treatment delivers to all types of pets!

What are the signs that my pet can benefit from Companion Laser Therapy?

Many of our laser therapy patients are older animals with musculoskeletal ailments. Some signs that your pet is experiencing pain or discomfort are:

  • Abnormal sitting or lying posture
  • Circling multiple times before lying down
  • Restlessness
  • Whining, groaning or other vocalizations
  • Limping, unable to get up or lie down
  • Difficulty getting into car or down stairs
  • Lack of grooming
  • Won’t wag tail
  • Licking or biting area
  • Lack of appetite
  • Trembling

Contact Heights Veterinary Clinic today to learn more about the benefits of Laser Therapy for your pet, as well as other services offered exclusively by our animal clinic! Our veterinarians and staff are always happy to answer any questions you may have.