At Heights Veterinary Clinic-Northwest, we’re proud to deliver unparalleled care to your pets. We proudly boast our animal hospital as an industry leader in surgical, diagnostic, and medical technology, while providing state-of-the-art treatment across all of our veterinary services. We believe that each and every pet that visits our animal hospital deserves the utmost care and attention. When it comes to both care and service, Heights Veterinary Clinic-Northwest aims to take you and your pet to new heights. Our animal clinic is truly dedicated to veterinary excellence!

Our team of veterinarians and staff take a comprehensive approach to our assessment and care of each and every pet that visits our animal clinic. We analyze all conditions, life cycles and stages of your pet before we make our recommendations, and make sure to treat your pet with the individual care and attention that they deserve! We promote a healthy lifestyle through the encouragement of a proper diet, preventative medicine, and behavioral awareness. This approach to pet care helps to create a supportive and highly nurturing atmosphere for all of our pets. Our veterinarians help to set the standard for excellent care, the same care that our Houston community has come to expect from our veterinary hospital.

At Heights Veterinary Clinic-Northwest, not only is your pet in reliable hands, but they’re also receiving remarkable stellar care in a truly excellent facility. Our animal hospitals know that it takes the right tools to deliver the best in care, so we take great pride in both our veterinary hospital and veterinary expertise.

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