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Flea and tick season– Flea and tick season is year round and with mild winter temperatures it looks like it will be another overwhelming year for these parasites. A flea infestation can not only be harmful for your pet, but a frustrating problem for you and your family. Adult fleas (those that you can see)only account for 5% of the total flea population, while the other 95% is the larvae, pupae, and eggs. This 95% lives in your carpet, furniture, and bedding. One adult flea can lay up to 50 eggs per day which then roll off your pet into the environment. This is not a parasite you want infesting your home.

Heights Veterinary Clinic offers the latest in oral and topical monthly flea prevention solutions for your pet to help avoid this problem. It can take 8 weeks or longer to get a flea infestation under control as this is the length of the total life cycle from egg to adult. We shouldn’t assume that just because our pets may only spend a short amount of time outdoors that they do not run the risk of bringing fleas inside. Flea prevention should be part of a year round prevention program to keep your pet happy and healthy.

Parvo – Parvo is a potentially deadly disease that is highly contagious among unvaccinated and under-vaccinated dogs. Parvo affects the intestinal tract which in turn causes severe vomiting and diarrhea. Parvo is vaccinated against during initial puppy vaccines and then on a yearly basis. Vaccinated dogs have nearly a 0% chance of contracting Parvo. Please ensure that your dogs are up to date on all of their vaccines to avoid them becoming sick.

Canine Influenza – Canine influenza (H3N8) is an emerging disease affecting dogs here in the Houston area. Canine influenza is a highly infectious viral disease that affects the canine population and causes upper respiratory symptoms similar to Bordatella. These symptoms can be self-limiting, or can lead to more severe symptoms including death. Many, if not all dogs whom come in contact with this disease are susceptible as it is something they have never come in contact with and therefore do not have an immunity to. To combat the spread of this disease, Heights Veterinary Clinic is recommending the canine influenza vaccine as part of our annual vaccine package, and we are requiring it for any dog that is boarded or hospitalized in our clinic. In addition, many boarding kennels across the city are requiring the vaccine be given prior to boarding your pet in their facility. The canine influenza vaccine requires an initial vaccine in puppies greater than 6 weeks of age and then a booster of that first vaccine 2-4 weeks later. The vaccine is then given yearly along with the pet’s annual vaccine package. The staff of Heights Veterinary Clinic believe that this is best medicine for the protection of your pet.

CANINE DISTEMPER– Central Texas is currently experience a sharp rise in the number of reported distemper cases. During a normal year there are only a handful of reported cases, but in 2011, there were a confirmed 30 cases of this deadly virus. Canine distemper is an airborne disease and can be transmitted between dogs very easily through contact or simply sharing space. Symptoms include fever, diarrhea, difficulty breathing, lethargy, dry nose, mucus from the eyes and nostrils, and jaw spasms called “chewing-gum fits.” Mortality rates for this disease in young dogs can be as high as 90%. Although treatments are available, they are often costly and very hard on the animal. The best treatment for canine distemper is prevention by way of vaccination.

TICKS– Many people are experiencing the unpleasant discovery that their dogs have ticks. Ticks are difficult to control and eradicate. In addition to being disgusting, ticks serve as transmitters of disease both to dogs and humans. We have all heard about the danger of ticks transmitting Lyme Disease to dogs and humans, but there are several more diseases that are transmitted, likewise. We have the latest product available for tick control on dogs – Parastar Plus by Novartis. In addition to ticks this product also helps to control fleas. It is a topical and is effective for up to 30 days. Call us to ask about it.

Rabies – A yearly study of rabies occurrences in Harris County has revealed an increase in rabies cases in bats over the first six months of 2012. In 2011, 4.1% of bats tested for rabies tested positive. So far in 2012 that number has risen to 5.3%. Although there have not been any positive rabies test for dogs or cats this year there has been one case reported in a horse. This goes to show the value of a good rabies vaccination protocol like one offered here at Heights Vet.

Care Credit – We accept Care Credit as a form of payment. Care Credit is a healthcare specific credit card that offers payment plans of 6 months no interest for those in need of an economical payment plan. You can apply for Care Credit here, click on the apply now button next to Heights Vet Clinic and you will receive an immediate answer. Care Credit is accepted at many dentists and other doctors across the country.