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When Your Pet Enters our Hospital

  1. We will obtain complete information on your pet including a history to ensure proper identification and to help with diagnosis.
  2. An examination will be performed to establish the diagnosis. Necessary laboratory testing is scheduled and performed and treatment will be started at this point.
  3. Exercising and feeding is done at scheduled intervals and records are kept by the attending Veterinarian and or Technician in charge. Fresh water is available at all times and patients are fed according to their specific diet and schedule.
  4. Pets that are hospitalized over weekends or on holidays are checked at least twice daily. The regular treatment, feeding, and exercise schedules that are established during the week will be maintained. Hospital reports cannot be given out during these periods; however, any changes in a patient’s condition will be reported to the owner immediately.
  5. Visiting a patient is dependent on the nature of the illness.
  6. It is hospital policy that leashes, collars, toys, blankets, and other personal belongings not be left with your pet or at the hospital. We are not responsible for the safe keeping or return of any items of this nature left with your pet.
  7. PROGRESS REPORTS OF HOSPITALIZED PATIENTS WILL BE GIVEN AFTER 2PM MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY AND AFTER 10AM ON SATURDAY. If there is an unexpected change in the status of your pet’s condition, the Veterinarian in charge or staff member under the direction of the veterinarian will contact you IMMEDIATELY.
  8. Feel free to ask the cost of the services that will be performed on your pet prior to services rendered. Payment will be due in full at the time the pet is released and we do not have charge accounts or bill for service. We accept cash, checks, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, and Care Credit. New clients will be asked to leave a deposit when leaving their pet for treatment.

When Your Pet Returns Home


    1. The doctor will set the time for the release of your pet in advance so the doctor, or a member of the hospital staff, can review the treatment given and offer suggestions regarding future care and establish a recheck date.
    2. Your pet may want to eat or drink excessively due to the excitement of returning home. It is advisable to limit all food and water for at least the first two hours offering only a small amount at a time.

Heights Veterinary Clinic with its modern facilities and equipment utilizes methods that ensure unrelenting attention to every patient. It is of great importance to us that everything be entirely satisfactory to you.